Best Cord-Cutting Device by WIRED

"The Dabby dongle/touchscreen will help anyone get out of streaming TV oversubscription hell."

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Best Streaming Device by CNET

"Dabby is a home entertainment device that consolidates every TV streaming service, free video site and social media site..."

Top 21 Devices by CNET

CES Best of the Best

"Dabby ends the fatigue of switching between streaming services to consolidate content from all services in one place."

Best Streaming Device by Chicago Tribune

The future of home entertainment


entertain happy

The world's first 'smart streaming' device that makes your entertainment experience happy.

Why Dabby?

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Watch any content

Dabby is designed to play any online content on your TVs without forcing you to download apps or load 3rd party software.

Free online videos like Youtube, TubiTV; Premium subscription services like Netflix, Disney Plus and ESPN; Social media contents like Instagram, Twitch; Any audio content from music to podcasts. 

Revolutionary user experience

A fully portable entertainment device

Move it anywhere and let content flow from TV to dabby screen and back seamlessly via dabby proximity sensors.

Instant Voice + Touch Search

You can control dabby via voice or touch. Searching and controling content has never been easier.

Play on TV with a simple flick

Seamlessly move content from dabby screen to TV with a simple flick.

Deep Search any content

Play the exact scene or clip instantly. Works with music as well (eg. dabby play saxophone music).

Watch together while video calling

Watch any content together in real time even when far away from your family or friends.

Double screen experience

Watching social media videos or Twitch on your TV? Dabby will display real-time comments on its screen automatically. 

Subscriptions made easy

Dabby will help you manage all your subscriptions in one place. Dabby's AI automated subscription management will help you pause and resume subscriptions based on your needs and usage so you never pay for what you do not need.

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