Meet Dabby

A radically new streaming device that includes all the content you want
in one place.

Dabby comes with
LiveTV Channels, Sports, movies, TV Shows
from Netflix, Disney+, ESPN and more.

For just $69 per month you get
the Streaming Device w/ touch control
unlimited content

No additional subscriptions required.

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Dabby Membership

No Contracts. 7-day Free Trial. 30-day Money Back Guarantee.
It includes:
Dabby Streaming Device

Lease DabbyTouch (10 inch touch screen) and DabbyTV (playback device that connects to the TV)

A Huge Channel Lineup

Watch 100+ national and local liveTV channels including ESPN, CNN, FOX, Paramount, NFL and many more

Premium Content

Watch Netflix, Disney Plus, Showtime
and more for no additional cost.
No sign-ins or subscriptions required

Voice and Text Search

Search for any content easily
with our Deep Search technology
-- even a specific scene in a movie

Multi-Room TV Control

Play different content on different TVs at the same time and control them from one touch interface

Watch TV Together

Use DabbyTouch to browse, do video calls, watch previews & highlights, watch together with friends

World's first touch interface for TV

10 inch touch screen called dabbyTouch with a HD display

Simply touch to find and play content instantly on your TV 

5 MP camera to do video calls

No more antiquated plastic remote controls

See how Dabby works

World's first touch interface for TV

Unlimited Content

Over $300 worth of  Premium content

Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu and more. See streaming lineup

Major LiveTV channels like FOX, ESPN, CNN and more. See channel lineup

1000s of Movies and TV Shows

No sign-ins and content subscriptions required. See how it works

Unlimited Premium Content

Super easy to control videos on TV

Touch interface to control videos on TV using our patented TVTouch technology

One tap to pause/play videos on TV

Scrubbing videos on TV has never been easier by simply touching and sliding the scrubber on dabbyTouch

One tap to go back to the previously watched video on TV

See how it works

Easy Playback Control

Play content instantly on TV - No Apps required

Powerful TV device called dabbyTV to play HD content instantly on TV

Supports WiFi, Ethernet and HDMI

All premium content in one place. No App downloads, no switching between Apps and no sign-ins required

Simply tap any content, dabby will automagically login and play the content instantly on TV using our patented TVPlay technology -- Legally!

Instant Content with no sign in required

Deep Search to find content easily

Text search using the dabbyTouch keyboard to easily search for content. No more brick hopping on TV with plastic remote controls.

Search by voice using our advanced AI based voice search engine.

Advanced search with our patented Deep Search Technology.

Deep Content Search

Control TVs in multiple rooms

Switch between TVs in different rooms easily with one dabbyTouch

Play different content on different TVs at the same time

Multi-TV Control

Second Screen Experience

Browse content, watch previews and highlights, explore information on a HD touch screen while enjoying the video playing on your TV at the same time.

Coming Soon

Dual Screen Experience

Watch Together

Watch TV with friends from anywhere.

You and your friends can watch anything on TV together in real-time, while video chatting with each other.

Launching Thanksgiving Week

Watch Together with your friends

Reinvent Your TV Experience

Simply touch to watch your favorite content on TV instantly

Stop oversubscribing + get access to all the content you want

Seamlessly switch content from one TV to another

Watch TV together with friends while doing video calls

Get Dabby to enjoy TV like never before

A New Way to Experience TV