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Amazon Fire TV Review vs Dabby by DabKick (2020)

Amazon Fire TV Review vs Dabby by DabKick (2020)

The Amazon Fire TV is the cheapest streaming device you can buy right now, starting at $25 and going on sale frequently. 

It’ll allow you to stream content from all major services along with Amazon’s Prime Video section as well. Another feature of the Fire TV is that since it is Android based there’s a web browser as well. However the browser does not work really well.

Amazon Fire Tv Stick vs Dabby Ultimate Streaming Device


A neat feature is being able to connect other Alexa devices to your Fire TV, allowing for smart home control. There are cons to this as well, for example if you want 4k support you have to get a different model. And in a world where 4k is becoming the standard 4k support should be standard as well.

We also mentioned that you can connect other Alexa enabled devices, but this is easier said than done and can cause many frustrations and video tutorial watching before you will be able to connect successfully. It’s as if Amazon casually decided to add this feature after making the product. Of course, at the price point, we don't expect fancy features.

Compare the Amazon Fire TV to Dabby and you’ll see that Dabby has features that stand out from the Fire TV, simply put the Fire TV doesn’t have them. Most notably is the subscription management. Dabby will be able to enable and disable your subscriptions depending on your usage, saving you money down the line.

Dabby’s voice interface is much more robust and works much better than Fire TVs functionalities.

Another feature that Dabby has while Fire TV does not, is the fact that Dabby also acts as an independent portable streaming device, with a touch screen, making it easy to move around the house with your favorite content following your every move. 

Finally the search capabilities on Dabby are phenomenal. Dabby can find whatever movie, show etc you want to watch. You can even search by narrowing it down to a particular scene from your favorite movie. And all this happens instantly.


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