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Apple TV vs Dabby by Dabkick (2020)

Apple TV vs Dabby by Dabkick (2020)

Apple TV has been around for a long time, and it’s also one of the pricer streaming boxes on the market. Starting at $149 and topping off at $179 (if you want 4K).

The main feature for Apple TV is streaming video content. And they have a pretty big catalogue for streaming apps for all the major streaming services along with their recent in house streaming service Apple TV+.

On top of that Apple TV can also play games from the Apple Arcade. A unique feature to Apple TV compared to other streaming devices. Apple TV has an easy to navigate interface and uses apps for all the services. The use of Siri can also be pretty useful however it is limited. Another good add-on feature is that you’ll be able to access your photos through iCloud.

Apple TV vs Dabby streaming device

There are other cons - You need to use the remote that can be easily broken due to the fact that it’s made out of glass. This is an expensive item to replace. Additionally the remote has a battery that needs charging.

If we compare Applet TV to Dabby, Apple TV lacks quite a few comprehensive features for the modern household. Most notably is the subscription management. Dabby will be able to enable and disable your subscriptions depending on your usage, saving you money in the long-run.

Dabby’s voice interface is much more robust and does not require a remote compared to Apple TV 

Dabby also eliminates the use of apps, so you can watch any content without the need to download the app first, which is a world's first among streaming devices.

Another feature that Dabby has while Apple TV does not, is the fact that Dabby also acts as an independent portable streaming device, with a touch screen, making it easy to move around the house with your favorite content following your every move. 

Finally the search capabilities on Dabby are phenomenal. Dabby can find whatever movie, show etc you want to watch. You can even search by narrowing it down to a particular scene from your favorite movie. And all this happens instantly.


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