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Cord Cutting Options for 2020

Cord Cutting Options for 2020

You’ve decided to cut your cable provider out of your life. However this can be an overwhelming process considering how many different options you can take. I’ll be discussing some of the more popular options for those who cut the cord.  

Youtube TV

Youtube TV is possibly the top choice when people get rid of their cable provider. For what you pay you get the most channels. You will also get all major channels that are local to your area; ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC. What I like about Youtube TV is how simple it is to navigate the interface. Their DVR feature is also amazing.  

Cost: $50/month 

Channels: 70+ channels

Features: DVR that saves for 9 months, 3 simultaneous streams, dedicated user profiles.

Hulu Live TV

Hulu Live TV is a close competitor with Youtube TV. However if you already have a Hulu subscription you may be inclined to pick Hulu Live TV over Youtube TV. The reason is that you’ll be able to combine the on-demand content with all the live content they offer in one area. 

Cost: $55/month

Channels: 60+ channels 

Features: DVR (unspecified save time), 2 simultaneous streams but an additional $15 gets you unlimited streams (a good options if you split the costs with friends and family), dedicated user profiles.

Sling TV

Sling TV is the cheapest option and that might be why some people sign up for it. However with the cheap price you don’t get many channels. The reason for the cheap price tag and smaller channel selection is due to the fact that there is almost no local channels to watch.

Cost: $30/month

Channels: 30+ channels

Features: DVR (unspecified save time as well), 1 stream but can upgrade to 3 simultaneous streams if you pay more, no dedicated user profiles. 


AT&T TV Now is the most expensive option listed out of the four. However included is HBO, this saves you $15/month. However the DVR features are lacking when you compare to Youtube TV or Hulu Live TV. 

Cost: $65/month

Channels: 45+ channels 

Features: DVR (20gb of storage and saved for 30 days), 2 simultaneous streams but for an additional $5 you can upgrade to 3 streams, No dedicated users.


Dabby by Dabkick

Dabby is the world's first smart streaming device that helps you cut the cord by enabling you to have one device that encompasses all subscription streaming services as well as all free online TV sources at once. On top of that is has some additional cool features like HD call streamed on your TV, watching together via video calling and much more.