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Cord cutting in 2020

Cutting Cable in 2020

It’s officially 2020 and you’re ready to cut the cord, never too late to do so. However once you cut the cord what do you do after that? What services or devices do you use to access your content and get it on the big screen? In today’s article we’ll go over what we personally recommend when you cut the cord this year. 

Live TV Service

Even though you cut the cord it’s always good to have access to live tv, maybe your a sports fan or enjoy being able to watch local news. For live TV you can’t go wrong with YouTube TV. It may be more expensive than Hulu Live TV (by a couple of dollars). However the trade off is that you’ll get more channels, all major local channels including ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC. YouTube TV also has an amazing DVR that saves everything for 9 months. On top of that you can have dedicated user profiles for everyone in your family and have 3 streams at the same time. 

The only caveat to our recommendation is if you’re already paying for Hulu’s streaming service then we would recommend getting Hulu Live TV over YouTube TV. This way your on demand and live content are all in one place. 

Streaming Services 

There are a multitude of streaming services that you can sign up for. But if you’re cutting the cord chances are you’re doing it so you can save money. So what services should you sign up for? That depends on what your preferences are. However we can help guide you with these recommendations. 

  • Disney Plus Package
  • With the package Disney Plus is offering you’ll get Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN for $12.99. That’s a good deal considering the amount of content you’ll have access too. You might not us one of these packaged services that much but chances are you’ll use at least 2 enough to justify the already stellar price.

  • Netflix
  • Netflix has a lot of contenders now but they’re also stepping up their game. They recently released The Witcher which was highly reviewed and are planning to release a lot of original content as well throughout the year. Not to mention they still have The Office and Parks and Rec for another year. 

    It’s not required to have a third service, considering how much content you get with all the services mentioned above. However one notable mention is HBO Now. HBO has made some of the best tv shows out there including The Wire, Sopranos and, I guess, Game Of Thrones. In 2020 they plan on revamping the service and bringing more original content. Maybe keep your eye out for them. 

    Streaming Device

    To access all the streaming services we’ve mentioned you could use your smart tv. But that isn’t always a very enjoyable user experience. If you wanna see a full on comparison of the best streaming devices for 2020, check out our blog post “Best Streaming devices for 2020”

    What we like about Dabby the most is the fact that it brings all your services onto one platform, meaning you don’t need to hop from app to app anymore. This is because Dabby doesn’t use apps like other devices. It uses the web to access and play content. If the video is somewhere on the web, it doesn't matter where, Dabby can play it. Think google search but on your TV. Other features we like about Dabby are Watch Together, Subscription Management, and Timeshare. Subscription Management allows you to manually toggle your services on or off. If you plan to use Netflix keep it on. But if you don’t plan on using Netflix for the foreseeable future you can turn it off. You can also allow their concierge AI to take care of the hassle for you. Depending on your viewing habits their AI will take notice of what services you use the most and which ones you rarely use. From there it will automatically turn off the ones you don’t use while keeping the ones you do use on. Saving you money in the long run.

    Priced at $399 Dabby is on the expensive end, but this is a one time purchase. With their feature set you’ll start saving money in the long run. And for a cord cutter that’s the ultimate goal. 


    Cord cutting is becoming more and more popular and with all the streaming services coming out it can be difficult to pick which ones to subscribe to. We recommend subscribing to YouTube TV if you want to keep live TV. For on demand services Disney Plus Package and Netflix is the way to go. For as low as $22 a month (depending on which Netflix tier you get) you’ll have access to Disney Plus, Netflix, ESPN and Hulu. For accessing all your streaming content we picked Dabby. Dabby is the ultimate aggregator for streaming services since you can access all the content you have on one neat interface. Dabby’s main goal is to provide the best user experience and that certainly delivers.