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Media Streaming Devices for 2020

Media Streaming Devices for 2020

In this article we’ll be discussing which media streaming devices will be the best for 2020. They’re all great devices with unique features of their own. Anyone of these would be a great addition to you living room but some may stand out depending on your needs or desires. 

The media streaming devices we’ll be going over are:

  • Google Chromecast,
  • Nvidia Shield,
  • Dabby by DabKick,
  • Roku Express.

Google Chromecast

Chromecast is a device that essentially allows your phone or laptop to send content to your TV. The only restrictions being that the app supports chromecast or you’re using a chrome browser. You’ll be able to play content from Youtube, Netflix, Hulu and more. The content selection is pretty solid, considering most major services have integrated the cast button. However if you want to stream in 4k you’ll need to pay extra. This is because there are two versions. The normal one, called Chromecast, that is limited to streams at 1080p and the Chromecast Ultra that can stream up to 4k. The ultra sells for $70. For a device that is so simple, this might be a bit high considering what else you can get at this price point. Overall Chromecast is a pretty solid media streaming device.

Nvidia Shield 

Nvidia Shield is an interesting media streaming device. It’s the only media streaming device that has gaming capabilities, perhaps due to the fact that Nvidia makes it. The only issue is when you play these games they aren’t being played on the local device, they’re being streamed. Meaning there will be a good amount of lag if your connection isn’t great. Another issue is the price, it starts at $149. However if game streaming is important to you this might be fine, as consoles are even more expensive. On top of gaming the Shield also streams content from major streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu along with Amazon Video. Another neat feature is the built in Chromecast feature. Allowing you to cast videos to TV using your shield as the middleman. 

Dabby by DabKick

Dabby is an amazing media streaming device. It has by far the best voice to search system out of all the devices I have used. I can tell Dabby to search for a particular scene from a movie or show and it will play that exact scene instantly. However the issue with Dabby is the price. It sells for $399, normally I would say this is steep for a streaming device. But I think Dabby is something more than a streaming device. Just like how Nvidia Shield plays games on top of streaming content. Dabby can be used as a standalone device to watch content on the go. There are unique features that other devices I have reviewed don’t have. I can be watching a movie on my living room TV, pick up Dabby and start walking away. The content will automatically transfer from the TV to the Dabby. When I enter my bedroom I can automatically transfer the movie from Dabby to TV in that room. No other device can do that. There are a multitude of other features I could talk about but this article isn’t about Dabby. Let’s get to our last media streaming device. However I’ll leave it at this, the saying “you get what you pay for” stands very true with Dabby. 

Roku Express

Roku has come out with a whole line of media streaming devices. The Express is the entry level media streaming device that is great for someone who just wants to stream content with no other features. With that being said you will be stuck at HD content as the Express cannot stream 4k. If you want 4k you’ll need to shell out more cash. There isn’t much to say about the Express. It doesn’t game like the Shield, it doesn’t allow the content to follow you like Dabby, and doesn’t allow you to stream media from your laptop like Chromecast. It’s a simple media streaming device and if that’s all you want, there is nothing wrong with it.