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Roku Plus Stick Review vs Dabby by DabKick (2020)

Roku Plus Stick Review vs Dabby by DabKick (2020)

The Roku Plus retails for $40, making it a pretty good value for what you get. It is pricer that the Amazon Fire TV. 

Roku Plus Streaming Stick


The main feature of this device is streaming content through the use of apps. With a simple interface navigating between apps is straightforward, however finding what you want from what app is a different story.

There’s not a whole lot the Roku Plus does outside of streaming content, that’s really what it’s for. And that’s a pro for the Roku, it's a simple device. Another pro for the Roku is the use of silent watching, you’ll be able to connect a set of headphones easily.

However there are some cons from the user experience point of view. For the newer devices to use the headphones feature you need to download the app, that is a con in my book as it is extra hassle.

A major con for Roku is the fact that these devices get outdated. Since they rely on apps, providers like Netflix (for example) will eventually stop supporting the older Roku devices. This leaves your $40 Roku device to be a useless paper weight, forcing you to upgrade. 

Comparing the Roku to Dabby almost seems unfair, as Dabby is a multi-faceted streaming device. Dabby has multiple features that Roku doesn’t have. Most notably is the subscription management feature. Dabby will be able to enable and disable your subscriptions depending on your usage, saving you money down the line. 

Dabby’s voice interface is also much more robust and is very useful as Dabby works without downloading any apps as compared to Roku, where voice search only works if you know what app you want to be using.

Finally the search capabilities on Dabby are phenomenal and cannot compare to Roku. Dabby can find whatever movie, show etc. you want to watch without the limit of apps. Even narrow it down to a particular scene from your favorite movie and it will find it and play instantly. 


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