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Streaming Services Launching in 2020

Streaming Services Launching in 2020

2020 will be a big year for streaming content as there will be a lot of new streaming services launching this year. Depending on where you stand this could be a good or bad thing. So here’s a round up of some the most anticipated services coming out in the following year. 


HBO Max is planned to release in May 2020, and it’ll cost you $15. This is the same cost as HBO Now so if you have that you’ll need to manually switch over to Max. The goal with this service is to compete with Netflix directly. Netflix is known to have something for everyone, regardless of your content preferences. That’s what HBO Max will attempt to achieve. With over 10,000 hours of content they’ll be hitting the floor running. One big title for HBO Max will be Friends. What use to be on Netflix, and one of the most popular shows on Netflix as well is now on HBO Max exclusively. And an exciting show planned to release on HBO Max in the future will the the Game Of Thrones prequel House Of Dragons. Many people are predicting that HBO Max will be that one service that is a “must have”. So far Netflix sits on that thrones but things might change in May. 


Peacock is child of NBC. It will be available to use starting April 2020. As of right now no cost has been announced, however there will be a free version of Peacock only on supported TVs. But you’ll have to deal with ads. This might be the best option for most people considering how many different services you sign up for. Peacock is estimated to have 15,000 hours of content. Peacock’s big hitter will be The Office, another big show being taken from Netflix. However The Office will only be available on Peacock starting in 2021. Other popular titles will include Parks and Rec, SNL and the Fast and Furious franchise. One notable thing is that some of the content on Peacock will not be exclusive to the service. You’ll be able to watch select shows on other services as well, and before you ask The Office isn’t one of those. 


Discovery and BBC recently announced they will be working together to bring a streaming service sometime in 2020, as of right now they haven’t said when or what the exact cost will be. But rumor has it that it will cost less than $5. The service will only provide factual content. Meaning that the content will be history, science or nature based. A big title coming to Discovery/BBC is the Planet Earth series. Unlike HBO Max and Peacock this service isn’t targeting all content viewers, only those who enjoy the niche content Discovery and BBC are accredited in creating. This might not be the “need to have” service but for those who enjoy their style of content it might be the best option for you. 


Quibi is an up and coming streaming service with a particular goal in mind. It’s launch date will be April 6th and has two tiers. $5 for an ad-supported version and $7 for an ad free version. Quibi is planning on being an untraditional service only offering content that is in short forms, no more hour long shows here. Most of the content will be ten minutes long. Considering this is a brand new service they won’t have any major titles on their platform like the previously mentioned services. However Quibi has snatched up some big stars some including Idris Elba, Sophie Turner and Zac Efron. Quibi’s goal is to provide content that is fulfilling to a generation where short content is rules.


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