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Cord Cutting Options for 2020

Cord Cutting Options for 2020

You’ve decided to cut your cable provider out of your life. However this can be an overwhelming process considering how many different options you can take. I’ll be discussing some of the more popular options for those who cut the cord.  

Youtube TV

Youtube TV is possibly the top choice when people get rid of their cable provider. For what you pay you get the most channels. You will also get all major channels that are local to your area; ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC. What I like about Youtube TV is how simple it is to navigate the interface. Their DVR feature is also amazing.  

Cost: $50/month 

Channels: 70+ channels

Features: DVR that saves for 9 months, 3 simultaneous streams, dedicated user profiles.

Hulu Live TV

Hulu Live TV is a close competitor with Youtube TV. However if you already have a Hulu subscription you may be inclined to pick Hulu Live TV over Youtube TV. The reason is that you’ll be able to combine the on-demand content with all the live content they offer in one area. 

Cost: $55/month

Channels: 60+ channels 

Features: DVR (unspecified save time), 2 simultaneous streams but an additional $15 gets you unlimited streams (a good options if you split the costs with friends and family), dedicated user profiles.

Sling TV

Sling TV is the cheapest option and that might be why some people sign up for it. However with the cheap price you don’t get many channels. The reason for the cheap price tag and smaller channel selection is due to the fact that there is almost no local channels to watch.

Cost: $30/month

Channels: 30+ channels

Features: DVR (unspecified save time as well), 1 stream but can upgrade to 3 simultaneous streams if you pay more, no dedicated user profiles. 


AT&T TV Now is the most expensive option listed out of the four. However included is HBO, this saves you $15/month. However the DVR features are lacking when you compare to Youtube TV or Hulu Live TV. 

Cost: $65/month

Channels: 45+ channels 

Features: DVR (20gb of storage and saved for 30 days), 2 simultaneous streams but for an additional $5 you can upgrade to 3 streams, No dedicated users.


Dabby by Dabkick

Dabby is the world's first smart streaming device that helps you cut the cord by enabling you to have one device that encompasses all subscription streaming services as well as all free online TV sources at once. On top of that is has some additional cool features like HD call streamed on your TV, watching together via video calling and much more.

Streaming Services Launching in 2020

Streaming Services Launching in 2020

2020 will be a big year for streaming content as there will be a lot of new streaming services launching this year. Depending on where you stand this could be a good or bad thing. So here’s a round up of some the most anticipated services coming out in the following year. 


HBO Max is planned to release in May 2020, and it’ll cost you $15. This is the same cost as HBO Now so if you have that you’ll need to manually switch over to Max. The goal with this service is to compete with Netflix directly. Netflix is known to have something for everyone, regardless of your content preferences. That’s what HBO Max will attempt to achieve. With over 10,000 hours of content they’ll be hitting the floor running. One big title for HBO Max will be Friends. What use to be on Netflix, and one of the most popular shows on Netflix as well is now on HBO Max exclusively. And an exciting show planned to release on HBO Max in the future will the the Game Of Thrones prequel House Of Dragons. Many people are predicting that HBO Max will be that one service that is a “must have”. So far Netflix sits on that thrones but things might change in May. 


Peacock is child of NBC. It will be available to use starting April 2020. As of right now no cost has been announced, however there will be a free version of Peacock only on supported TVs. But you’ll have to deal with ads. This might be the best option for most people considering how many different services you sign up for. Peacock is estimated to have 15,000 hours of content. Peacock’s big hitter will be The Office, another big show being taken from Netflix. However The Office will only be available on Peacock starting in 2021. Other popular titles will include Parks and Rec, SNL and the Fast and Furious franchise. One notable thing is that some of the content on Peacock will not be exclusive to the service. You’ll be able to watch select shows on other services as well, and before you ask The Office isn’t one of those. 


Discovery and BBC recently announced they will be working together to bring a streaming service sometime in 2020, as of right now they haven’t said when or what the exact cost will be. But rumor has it that it will cost less than $5. The service will only provide factual content. Meaning that the content will be history, science or nature based. A big title coming to Discovery/BBC is the Planet Earth series. Unlike HBO Max and Peacock this service isn’t targeting all content viewers, only those who enjoy the niche content Discovery and BBC are accredited in creating. This might not be the “need to have” service but for those who enjoy their style of content it might be the best option for you. 


Quibi is an up and coming streaming service with a particular goal in mind. It’s launch date will be April 6th and has two tiers. $5 for an ad-supported version and $7 for an ad free version. Quibi is planning on being an untraditional service only offering content that is in short forms, no more hour long shows here. Most of the content will be ten minutes long. Considering this is a brand new service they won’t have any major titles on their platform like the previously mentioned services. However Quibi has snatched up some big stars some including Idris Elba, Sophie Turner and Zac Efron. Quibi’s goal is to provide content that is fulfilling to a generation where short content is rules.


Dabby by Dabkick

Dabby is not a streaming service as such but it is a device that will consolidate all your subscriptions in one place and help you manage your subscriptions in a cost-efficient way (pausing what you aren't using and re-enabling when needed) and much more. Visit the website for more features and more info.

Best Home Streaming Devices for 2020 with Pros and Cons

Best Home Streaming Devices for 2020 with Pros and Cons

Based on Google Search trends and online popularity, we are introducing the best entertainment streaming devices for 2020. 

  • Amazon Fire TV,
  • Roku Streaming Stick Plus,
  • Apple TV,
  • Dabby by DabKick.

These are all great devices to have in your house so we’ll be discussing the pro’s and con’s of each device. 

Amazon Fire TV


The Fire TV is easy to set up and use. The package comes with a dongle that connects to your TV via HDMI and a cord to power it. And a remote to control the interface and navigate. Another pro in Amazon’s corner is the speed of Fire TV. Due to the beefer specs Fire TV is faster than competitors such as Roku. Finally being able to connect with other Amazon devices is a big pro for Fire TV. You can connect devices such as Echo Show and use that to interact with Fire TV and so forth. So if you have other Amazon devices this is a good edition to the ecosystem. 


One issue I have is the dependency of apps. If I don’t have the Netflix app downloaded then I cannot watch any Netflix content until I have downloaded it. A major con I have with the Fire TV is also how much Amazon pushes first party content. Oh you don’t have a Prime account? They’ll make sure you know constantly in an effort for you to get it. Lastly the UI is a bit choppy. Switching from one menu to another is not as smooth as it should be. Considering that Amazon has an amazing website you would assume their Fire TV would follow that path. 

More here: Amazon Fire TV


Roku Streaming Stick Plus

Pros: The simplicity of Roku is a big pro. There is one HDMI dongle that plugs into your TV and a remote you use to control it. However the remote also has a dedicated earphone jack. This allows you to use it if you need to be quiet, perhaps your SO is sleeping next to you. The addition of dedicated streaming buttons is also nice. If you use Netflix, Sling TV, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video a lot these will be useful. However it would be great if you could program what services these buttons access. 

Cons: One major con and possibly a deal breaker for some people is the lack of support for older devices. If you have an older Roku product some apps may not work. An example of this would be Netflix and their lack of app support for older Roku’s. Why would you buy a Roku when in a couple years it will be useless. Another gripe is the quality of the remote. It’s just a bulky rubbery remote that feels strange to hold and is another remote to add clutter to your living room.

More here: Roku Streaming Stick Plus


Apple TV

Pros: A big pro for Apple TV is that it has the ability to play games from the Apple Arcade. Apple has taken one more step to becoming an all encompassing media device. Another plus for Apple TV is that it supports Dolby Digital Plus 7.1. To those who care about quality sound this is a big thing. 

Cons: A major con against the Apple TV is the remote. It’s a very elegant remote at the same time very fragile. Parts of it are made out of glass and many users have reported breaking the glass sections, such as the trackpad. And a new remote is not cheap, on Amazon they sell for $60. And this is a device that retails for $170. Another issue is the user experience screams Apple ecosystem, the UI is like every other Apple product. While uniformity is nice it would be better to have a neutral interface for those who aren’t used to the Apple ecosystem. 

More here: Apple TV 4K


Dabby By DabKick

Pros: A pro for Dabby streaming device is the search capabilities. It is one of the most sophisticated searches I have seen, think Google Search but for media. You can tell Dabby to play a certain scene from a movie or show and it will find that exact scene. Another pro is the fact that you can use Dabby Touch as a standalone device, meaning that you can be watching something on your TV and continue to watch it on the touch device as you move around the house (think bathroom break during an important sports match). One thing I personally love is the second screen experience. I can be watching a live basketball game and on the second screen (Dabby Touch) I can get live player stats such as number of rebounds a particular player has. 

Cons: One con about Dabby is its price point. The product costs $399. However the amount of features it has and what it is capable of doing counter against the price (it combines a smart remote, Roku stick, Echo Show and Facebook Portal and more). Another saving grace to this con is the fact that Dabby has features that save you money, canceling subscriptions you don’t use and enabling them when you want to use them. Another con is the lack of a web browser. Amazon Fire TV is based off of android and has a browser. Meanwhile Dabby is based off of a web browser but doesn’t allow you to surf the internet. Hopefully this is a feature that will come in the future as a software update. 

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