Dabby FAQs

Where will Dabby ship?
Dabby will be shipped ONLY domestically.
Which locations does Dabby work in?
Dabby can work anywhere globally as long as you have access to Wifi.
Will Dabby play local news channels?
Yes, as long as the new channel is streamed online.
Can I use Dabby without Wifi?
Does Dabby use apps to stream content?
No, Dabby isn't limited by apps. It pulls content from anywhere on the web.
Do I need a Dabby for each TV?
No, you don't. You just need an extra dongle for each TV you want to connect to Dabby.
Can I buy extra dongles?
Yes, we will open orders for additional dongles on our website.
Is there a monthly fee for Dabby?
How does Dabby choose the source?
Dabby will always show the highest quality stream available and display this on your TV.
Does it understand foreign languages?
Not at the moment, however, this is something on our to-do list.
Can you add to a favorite or watch list?
To watch Netflix/Prime/Zulu on Dabby do I need a subscription?
Yes, you will need to be subscribed to these services in order for Dabby to search and play their content.
What content does Dabby show?
Dabby can show any content as long as it is online & legal. It can play audio and video files on Dabby and on your TV as well as support video calls, audio calls. It will also play your social media videos directly on your TV without any TV apps as well as split screen for comments.
Can you watch content on the Dabby device (use it as a mini TV)?
Yes, you can watch on Dabby Touch or use Dabby Touch as a second screen whilst the show is on the TV.
Can Dabby work with IPTV/Kodi?
No, as Dabby has access to content from the web, these aren’t needed.
Does Dabby have parental controls?
Yes, you can manage and restrict certain content with Dabby. 
Can I watch cable TV for free?
Dabby will be able to watch Cable TV as long as they offer online viewing.
What is the minimum bandwidth required?
The minimum bandwidth requirement is 10mb/s
Can I cancel my order?
Yes you can cancel your order. However this must be done within 24 hours of placing your order. Anything outside this window will not be accepted. 
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