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What’s Dabby and how’s it different from other streaming devices like Roku?
Dabby brings the revolutionary touch interface for TVs unlike the plastic remote control from Roku. Dabby is packed with features for the modern streaming world like a second screen, social TV, AI based search, Multi-TV control that are not available in Roku. Dabby also plays any premium content magically out of the box without the need for user sign-ins or content subscriptions.  

What content can Dabby play?
Dabby can play content including 100+ LiveTV channels, 1000s of Movies, TVShows, Sports and premium providers like Netflix, Disney+, Showtime and many more.

 Do I need to sign-in to content providers in order to watch on Dabby
No. Users don’t need to have content subscriptions or signing into any content provider in order to watch them. Dabby will automatically play premium content out of the box.

Which locations does Dabby work in?
Dabby can work anywhere globally as long as you have access to Wifi. But there may be some content restrictions outside the US that Dabby cannot play.

 Can I use Dabby without WiFi?

 Does Dabby use apps to stream content?
No, Dabby isn't limited by apps. It pulls content from anywhere on the web.

 Can you add to a favorite or watch list?

 Can you watch content on the DabbyTouch device?
Yes, you can watch certain content on Dabby Touch or use Dabby Touch as a second screen whilst the show is on the TV.  

What is the minimum bandwidth required?
The minimum bandwidth requirement is 10mbps

What content does Dabby show?
Dabby can show any content as long as it is online & legal. It can play audio and video files on Dabby and on your TV as well as support video calls, audio calls. It will also play your social media videos directly on your TV without any TV apps as well as split screen for comments.

Can Dabby work with IPTV/Kodi?
No, as Dabby has access to content from the web, these aren’t needed.

 Does Dabby have parental controls?
This is in the works and will be released soon.


Dabby Membership

 What do I get with Dabby Membership?
With Dabby membership, you lease one DabbyTouch and one DabbyTV for each TV and you get unlimited access to content on all TVs.  

Can I buy Dabby without membership?
No. Dabby is available only with the membership.

Will I own the Dabby devices?
No. You will lease the Dabby hardware with Dabby membership.

 Do I need any content subscriptions to use Dabby?
No. You don’t need any content subscriptions. With Dabby membership, it will play all major premium content out of the box for no additional cost. 

How do I get Dabby for additional TVs?
You can choose the number of TVs during checkout. If you have already bought the membership and would like to add more TVs, please contact us at support@dabkick.com.

 How do I edit or cancel my membership?
Please contact us at support@dabkick.com and we would be happy to assist you.

 How much can I save with Dabby membership compared to streaming devices like Roku?
You can save over $300 with Dabby membership by not overpaying and oversubscribing for content on devices like Roku.


When will Dabby ship?
Dabby will start shipping on October 1, 2020. 

Where will Dabby ship?
Dabby will be shipped ONLY within the US.